Shopkins Collector Carry Case

I don’t remember how it started. Maybe someone gifted her a Shopkins blind bag? Well one blind bag turned into two turned into 80+ Shopkins a year later. Little by little, my daughter has collected lots of these small plastic renderings of food and other objects personified with faces. I am still not sure what the appeal is except that they are colorful, a fun size, collectible, and “soooo cute” according to the 10 and under set. Where to store these little tiny Shopkins? A Shopkins Collector Case!

First, we had them all in a plastic zip top bag. The collection outgrew the bag. Then we had it stored in an assortment of small Tupperware. But the Tupperware hid all the Shopkins and she wanted to be able to SEE them. So one day we received this Shopkins Collector Carry Case as a gift from grandma. Voila! A place to store, organize, and display her Shopkins.

This is a great Shopkins Collector Case but there is a drawback. First, my girl has more Shopkins than fits into the 60-slot case. But the real problem is that a lot of her old Shopkins have no holes on the bottom that allow you to stick them onto the holder in the case. The Shopkins are able to stand there in the case without being jostled all over the place because they have a hole at the bottom that fits snugly into the nub on the shelves within the case. So if you’re hoping to find a way to organize the older Shopkins you purchased a few years ago, the carry case will not be the best solution.

If you’re already convinced, just go ahead and buy it from Amazon already using the link here: You’ll be so glad not to step on a bunch of these by accident.

We do have ideas for storing older Shopkins and other blind bag toys! Keep an eye out for an upcoming post for ideas!

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