Organize those puzzles with a Melissa and Doug Puzzle Rack

Chunky puzzles from Melissa and Doug are some of our absolute FAVORITE toys for infants and young toddlers. Even at a very young age, children will love to hold those chunky puzzle pieces in their hands and maneuver them until they fit into the designated spot. My youngest even liked to play with the puzzle pieces like they were individual toys. We have tons of chunky puzzles at our house and until we bought this Melissa and Doug puzzle rack, it was torture trying to keep them organized.

The Melissa and Doug puzzle rack allows you to slide your puzzles into each level of the rack, keeping things neat and tidy. It also holds peg puzzles, those big knob puzzles, and wooden jigsaw puzzles too. We currently have jigsaws and chunky puzzles in ours.

The wire rack takes up less space on a counter so that you can hold up to 12 puzzles all stacked up. This also allows my toddler to get his own puzzles without any help. He even knows how to put them back in their spot!

If you’re looking for a way to organize your growing collection of chunky and jigsaw puzzles, consider getting this affordable puzzle rack option by Melissa and Doug. We got ours at Amazon and it came in two days!

This version here is a newer model and it even has room for those fun LARGER puzzles that I never know where to store. And it’s currently on sale! Get one now before the price goes back up!

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