Luggage Scooter! Zinc Flyte Kids Polly the Panda

It’s here! Get yours now! The Zinc Flyte Kids Luggage Scooter in Polly the Panda style! Kelsey tried out this awesome looking scooter luggage and she was great at steering it even though that was one of the cons of the scooter. Easy breezy!

If you’re needing to get a child from one end of the airport terminal to another QUICK, use a scooter luggage! This Zinc Flyte Kids Luggage Scooter two-in-one is fun and efficient. Store as a luggage and roll it along, or pull down the scooter option and ride all the way to the gate! This luggage is approved to be used as a carry-on per their description. The manufacturer information also states that is it appropriate for kids 4-8 years and up to 110 pounds. I have seen Amazon reviews for this scooter luggage that describe children as old as 12 using it! What a fun and unique way to make the flying experience just a little bit easier with this Zinc Flyte Kids Luggage Scooter! There are other styles that you can choose from. Check out Polly Panda and then check out some of their more other options under Zinc Flyte Kids Luggage Scooter. Click to purchase on Amazon!

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