Other ideas for storing Shopkins and Blind Bags

The official Shopkins Collector Carry Case is great at holding the newer Shopkins with the holes at the bottom, but what do we do with the Shopkins that do not have that handy little spot for securing into the Carry Case shelf?

We like to use crafting and beading plastic organizers! Plastic Organizers for Shopkins and Blind Bag Toys are the answer! These clear plastic boxes are perfect for holding blind bag toys and other small treasures. They’re clear so you can see and admire the toys, and the case snaps shut so that nothing falls out. It’s a great way to hold lots of small items AND be able to see them clearly. You can organize them by rows or columns or sections. Some of these plastic bead and jewelry organizers have sections that you can manipulate to make smaller or larger.

We use the smaller one to showcase our small wonders, while the larger box is better for storage. We’ve even taken these on vacation in these lovely clear cases. There is no end to how many ways a child can organizer and reorganize these things. It kept my daughter occupied for a long time just having fun with putting away Shopkins and Blind Bag toys in just the right spot. These have done the trick for us!

Get yours now! Plastic Organizers for Shopkins and Blind Bag Toys


(Tip: Also great for collecting and displaying seashells!)


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